Prices and commission process


Prices for portraits

Listed below are the guide prices for some of the most popular sizes of artwork. Portraits are supplied unframed with a plain background. Please contact me if you have any questions, or would like a specific or larger size and I'll be happy to help.

Pencil, one subject

A4 £120

A3 £190

Each additional subject £30 


Acrylic paint, one subject

12 x 12"  £220   (30x30cm)

12 x 16"  £250   (30x40cm)

16 x 20"  £350   (40x50cm)

20 x 20"  £390   (50x50cm)

20 x 30"  £500   (50x76cm)

If you would like to commission a larger painting, please message me and I'll be happy to

discuss details.

Each additional subject £70 

Prices for pen and ink buildings

Please scroll down to bottom.

commission process


Acrylic on canvas 20 x 40"

If you would like to commission a piece of art then thank you! I would love to work with you. Please contact me through my contact form. I will happily get back to you and talk through your requirements.

I work from photographs that you can email to me, good quality digital photos are the preferred option for clarity. Photos taken on phone cameras are usually acceptable so long as they are nice and clear with high resolution. Natural lighting is preferred as artificial lighting can distort the colours.

It is difficult to produce a portrait from an old, blurry photograph, but saying that, if all you have is an old photograph then I will do my best and advise you before I start whether I feel it is possible. 

A few supporting photos as well as the main one is a good option as I can then get a feel for the subject I am painting from all angles, and see detail from other aspects.

Sizes - I have listed prices for most standard sizes but if you would like a different shape or size, then please contact me. My pencil drawings are on paper and my acrylic paintings are on a standard canvas that can be framed (supplied unframed). If you would like the box canvas (which is deeper, no need to frame) then please let me know when ordering.

Progress pictures - If you would like to see progress updates as I am working then I will happily keep you involved along the way.

Delivery - once you have approved your portrait, you can make full payment and I will then send it out to you. I usually use Royal Mail Next Day Special Delivery, and for larger portraits I use a courier service. Postage charges will be advised at the start of the process.


photograph to portrait

An example of the original photograph and the finished pencil portrait.

Original photograph and the finished acrylic painting on canvas. 


Prices for pen and ink buildings


Pen and Ink

A4 From £50, includes one accent colour

A3 From £80, includes one accent colour

Beautiful pen and ink drawing of your home for yourself or a gift, housewarming, birthday perhaps....

please see the pen and ink page


This client asked for a momento of their wedding venue....

Full colour version from £70 for A4 size

All I need is a good photograph to work from, please contact me